No Bones About It DVD

The following as an article written by Paulette Wittenberg written in May 1994

If you're hooked on fishing, put the pole down and turn on your television and dvd player.

Peter Stellas has a message for you and it's all on his new dvd, "No Bones About It".

Stellas makes no bones about his tape, a step-by-step, 60 minute video that explains and shows his methods to scale, clean filet, steak and butterfly the six most commonly caught fish in North America.

With millions of people fishing, this method of "Filleting Fish the Right Way", is mandatory viewing for those fisherman and women who are addicted to the sport, hook, line and sinker.

Stellas shows his method for pulling the entire skeleton from walleye, bass, salmon, trout, perch and catfish.

"Not one charter captain, guide or fisherman had seen this process," Stellas said referring to the one-piece skeleton removal method.

"When people try and filet fish, they leave the tiny bones in," he said, adding the those "Pin Bones" are the ones that are particularly nasty.

An avid sportsman, Stellas learned the process from a man who worked in his family's supermarket, The Marketplace.  Stellas said after learning how to do it, he changed the redefined the process.

He explains what tools to use, but assures that a regular knife will do.  Stellas explains that after some cutting, you grab the head and just pull the entire skeleton out of the body in one piece, leaving two perfectly "boneless and beautiful" fillets.  But you have to see it to believe it.

"I made this dvd because there are thousands and thousands of tapes on how to catch fish, but nothing on how to clean and process them",Stellas said.

It's an easy process and Stellas assures that he could teach anyone how to do it in 30 minutes.

In fact, his method worked for listener of the Johnathan Brandmeier show on WLUP radio who, after viewing the dvd, competed and won a fishing-cleaning contest sponsored by the radio station.