No Bones About It 6 inch Fillet Knife and Sheath

Super flex 6" fillet knife and sheath - No Bones About it

The No Bones About It fillet knife has a stainless steel 6 inch blade and high quality carbon edge.  This allows the knife to hold its edge.  The knife also has a super flex blade which allows a good fish filleter the ability to feel the bones when cleaning any type of fish.  If comfort is what you're looking for in a fillet knife, this knife has a soft grip handle for smooth cutting and a solid grip.  The handle is USF certified and safe for either kitchen or commercial use.

Fillet Knife Blade: Made from premium grade of stainless steel and a high carbon quality edge for maintaining razor sharpness; Ready to use, no edge preparation needed; Rust-resistant; Super flex

Fillet Knife Handle: Soft, slip resistant material; superior control; kitchen safe; thumb and finger guard for increased stability and protection

Sheath: The sheath was custom engineered by Blade Tamer "TM" to fit the curved blade of the No Bones About It Knife.  The sheath is constructed with a inner plastic liner that is covered with a tough Military Ballistic "R" Nylon to protect you and the blade.  It also has a belt loop for ease of carrying.

$ 39.95