"Pete, I've been unzipping my fish ever since I bought your tapes...best instructional tape I have ever watched."
- Mitchell, Auburn Hills, MI

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Shore lunch never tasted so good.

Click here to see our
sauce and seasonings

Filet fish by unzipping
Improve the way you clean fish.

See your favorite fish unzipped -
then get the video and be truly amazed!
Cleaning fish won't be the chore it used to be.

These photographic animations show an overview of how to fillet each fish. If your tired of always finding bones in your "fillets" these videos will help tremendously. No more bones on the edge of your plate!

If you like fishing and eating what you catch but are not real thrilled with your ability for cleaning fish, you need these how to tapes. And if you're truly devious, they make fantastic gifts for the fisherman on your list! They might clean 'em all for you.


(Click on the links below to see a preview of how to "UNZIP" each species of fish

Shore Lunch Sampler - Fish sauces & seasonings.

"Fish Done Right" - How to prepare fish & fish recipes video.

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